Mind Mapping: Free Webinar

Wednesday 3rd June 10:00am to 11:00am BST(UK)

At BMTG (UK) Ltd we have started using the MindView application from Matchware* to help us with planning and brainstorming. MindView is however much more than that and probably one of the best planning and project management tools that we have come across.

We especially like MindView as it is intuitive and is designed for those who are not trained project managers but are expected not only to plan events and projects but also to manage them. We believe it is perfect for Executive Assistants.

Check out this 30 minute webinar to see the power of Mindview

Wednesday 3rd June 10:00am to 11:00am BST(UK)

This webinar will cover:

     • Utilising Mind Mapping for planning and organising
     • Exporting to MS Office including Project
     • Gantt Charts and Timelines (Built-in)
     • Budgeting, Calculations and Resource Management

Matchware MatchWare is the global leader in professional mind mapping and enterprise meeting management solutions. The award winning “MindView” mind mapping software and “MeetingBooster” professional meeting management software allow our customers to collaborate, innovate and increase productivity from any device in order achieve greater success throughout an organization.

Digital Leadership – Free Webinar

Webinar 2 June, 2020

At 10-11 am Eastern Time (UTC – 4)

The digital workplace is the new normal – and it is here to stay. That places new challenges upon us all – and especially on our bosses who now need to find new ways of reaching out, inspire and support their teams virtually.

The usage of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed, and now is the time to reap the benefits it offers, as entire workplaces have embarked on the digital revolution of working smarter.

Storyals founder and Productivity Expert Ulrika Hedlund, meets Helena Sjöberg, HR Lead for Microsoft Sweden, to talk about the challenges, opportunities and best practices of digital leadership. 

To register for this free webinar please click here.

Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp Offer

Become a digital workplace champion in the “New Normal”

BMTG (UK) Ltd will shortly be offering an opportunity to take advantage of the Storyals Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp through a unique offering. This is normally only available at a corporate level for multiple delegates however BMTG have negotiated individual access for you. This will give you access to 2 x half-day live tutor-led online Storyals sessions covering 5 key Microsoft 365 topics plus access to 4 more Storyals Microsoft 365 self learning topics for 3 months.

Full details will be announced shortly however anyone pre-registering below will be entitled to the Super Early Bird price of US$349 irrespective of when they eventually register for the Bootcamp. To take advantage of this fantastic offer simply complete the table below and we will contact you when the Bootcamp offer is launched.

Finally don’t forget to register for the free Storyals* Webinar here.

* Storyals is a modern, subscription-based adoption service that provides users with the essential “know-how” of how to effectively use Microsoft 365 (Office 365). Through expert guidance and video-based storytelling, showing real-life scenarios, Storyals accelerates change by INSPIRINGMOTIVATING, and EDUCATING users.

Become a Microsoft Teams Champion – Free Workshop

FREE Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop


Did you know that Organizations with more than a 1000 end-users adopting Microsoft Teams, may be eligible to receive a FREE “Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop” fully financed by Microsoft?

BMTG (UK) Ltd’s partner Storyals Global AB are a Microsoft Adoption Partner and are qualified to deliver “Teamwork Assessment” in the form of a Free* full day online “Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop” in which one of Storyal’s productivity experts guides you and your team (up to 14 colleagues) through the process and helps your organization develop a strategy customized to your needs.

In order that we can check your eligibility for the FREE workshop you must register your organization’s interest before 1st May 2020. 

Even if your organisation is not eligible the “Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop” is still available at a significantly reduced price of 1,700 USD.

Typical Workshop Agenda

Pre-engagement meeting (1 hour)

  • Current state – what is being used and how?
  • Goals setting – what is the desired outcome?
  • Stakeholders – who should participate?
  • Ongoing initiatives – are there any other ongoing initiatives to consider?
  • Date – when do we do the workshop?
  • Agenda – how do we structure the workshop?

Business Decision Maker workshop (3 hours)

  • Key outcomes – what are we going to achieve today?
  • Envisioning – how is Teams and Office 365 transforming the workplace?
  • Usage scenarios – how could this be applied to various user groups?
  • Executive sponsorship – who needs to sponsor this to ensure success?

Adoption planning workshop (2 hours) 

  • Champions program – how do we implement a champions program?
  • Training plan – how do we raise the general level of know-how?
  • Communication plan – how do we communicate to end-users?
  • Adoption plan – how do we tie it all together and build a foundation for the future?

To register your interest and to check eligibility please register, with no obligation,  before 1st May 2020


* The Free webinar is available to organisations with over 1000 Microsoft Teams users and who are confirmed as eligible by Microsoft.


FREE Webinar: Making Online Meetings More Effective

Are you working more because of multiple webinar meetings at home with managers and co-workers?

Countless hours are spent in meetings with inefficient preparation and a lack of follow-up!


MeetingBooster will make online meetings more effective and eliminate questions such as ‘Who took the minutes?’ and ‘Who was supposed to do what?’.

Learn how MeetingBooster can help with:

  • Creating Agendas and Minutes.
  • Turning Discussions into Action Plans.
  • Handling Tasks, Projects and Follow Ups.
  • Secure Storage of Minutes with Easy Access.

Better Meetings in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Pre-Meeting

  • Simplify the Scheduling Process
  • Integration with Outlook & Google Calendar
  • Professional Agenda Editor
  • Assign Preparation Tasks
  • Get organized and start executing!

Step 2: During the Meeting

  • Run onsite or Virtual Meetings
  • Capture Notes Instantly
  • Meeting Tools for Decision Making
  • Allocate Action Items

Step 3: Post Meeting

  • Post Meeting
  • Professional Minutes and Customizable Layouts
  • File Management and Search Options
  • Task Management System with Outlook Integration
  • Meeting Analytics


Sign up for a Free webinar about MeetingBooster and how it can help you:

Tuesday 7th April 10AM to 11AM (ET)

Register Here


Feel free to invite colleagues.


Welcome to the Future

Now is the time to radically challenge the way you and your organisation have been doing things

Welcome to the Future

With many of us now working from home and our organisations continuing to function this is a prime opportunity to start challenging those processes and habits that have just been part of the fabric for decades, but which may actually not be required at all, or not required as frequently.

Every organisation, no matter how large or small does things that are either unproductive, ineffective or actually a total waste of time. The problem is that we never have the time to challenge these activities – usually because we are too busy doing all the things that eat into our time in the first place.

Given the change of circumstances that we are all finding ourselves in I am sure that many processes are on hold, many meetings are not being held and many things are not been done that used to get done.

We must now ask ourselves 3 questions when we return to normality

  • “Did we really need to do that task?”
  • “Did we really need to meet every week?”
  • “Did we really need to do that task as frequently”





Many of us, and it is just human nature, tend to follow the herd. It is called “Groupthink” which describes the situation where a person does not want to upset the “group” thinking or does not want to be the maverick.

How many times have you heard that phrase or variations thereof eg. “But we have always done it that way”. Much too often I would guess.

Let me give you an example:

A number of years ago I had a Project Manager who told me a story. Let’s call him Mike.

One of Mike’s responsibilities was to produce a weekly status report for the Project Executive Steering Group made up of senior executives. The task would normally take Mike 3 to 4 hours, every week.

Now Mike suspected, well actually he knew, that the members of the Project Executive Steering Group very rarely, if ever, read the status reports. Mike therefor decided to conduct an experiment.

Mike would send the members of the Steering Group an email with the status report attached as an excel file. One week he simply sent each member a blank spreadsheet – appropriately named of course – and stood back and waited.

What do you think happened?

Correct – absolutely nothing. Not one of the Project Executive Steering Group contacted Mike to tell him that the spreadsheet was empty.


Well, obviously, none of them actually opened it.

This went on for a period of about 4 to 5 weeks until one member did notice and contacted Mike. All Mike did was apologise and attached the correct report.

However, at the next physical Steering group meeting he announced what he had been doing and challenged the Executives. There was much embarrassment of course but they all put their hands up and admitted that actually they were not that interested in weekly updates. The outcome was an agreement that there was actually no need to submit weekly and that monthly was sufficient there by saving Mike 1.5 days a month.




 There are many such examples within your organisation and this is your opportunity to stand up when you return and to challenge just why we have been doing things the way we have.

During this time just start to think about everything that you, your boss and your colleagues that you support used to do and now cannot do or cannot do as frequently but where there has not been a significant deterioration in performance. For example:-

  • Is the Weekly Meeting actually necessary? Should we not consider making them every two weeks when we return or even every three weeks?
  • How many normally recurring meetings were actually not held during this period and did it make any difference? Did people manage to communicate without having the meeting? If so, is that meeting absolutely necessary?
  • Did you have meetings that people would normally travel to? Did they cope meeting remotely? If so, then why revert to meetings that require travelling?
  • Has anybody complained about not receiving information from you which you would normally send? If not, then challenge whether they actually needed that information in the first place
  • Have people managed to cope with electronic reports as opposed to printed versions? If so, is it absolutely necessary to print all these reports for future meetings?



Stand Out





As we all enter a new and challenging phase in our corporate working lives more and more of use will need to start working remotely however our organisations need to keep operating to survive.

As Executive Assistants this is your opportunity to shine. Showing knowledge of the technology that your company already has or can easily sign up to will stand you in good stead.

Here are some FREE tutorial videos that can help you navigate some of the more common tools for managing remote meetings…


Microsoft Teams


Google Hangouts


If you know of any more free tutorials please do let me know





FREE Webinar: Mobilizing your remote workforce in this difficult time.



With the recent events on the global health scene, organizations around the world are turning to technology to enable their employees to work remotely.

With tools such as Microsoft Teams, businesses can continue to hold meetings, conduct events and communicate with one another – online. Having the technology in place is a prerequisite, but as always, and perhaps in particular in a time of uncertainty, providing users with guidance, reassurance and support is of key importance.

BMTG (UK) Ltd are working closely with Microsoft’s Adoption and Change Management partner “Storyals”.

If you wish to know more about how to leverage Microsoft Teams during the uncertain period and whilst your colleagues are experiencing home-working for the first time please join the Storyals FREE WEBINAR on the 18th March to learn more about how to get your organization ready for the change and go digital through Microsoft Teams.

The webinar will be conducted at two different times for your convenience:

  1. 11 AM UTC
  2. 5 PM UTC

As Executive Assistants this is your opportunity to stand up and be counted. Show your boss and your colleagues how you will calmly and rationally respond to the unfolding crisis and deliver solutions that meet your organisations needs.