The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA) is back in South Africa 4th-8th April

OPSA is proud to announce our partnership with the internationally renowned Business Management Training Group Ltd, a world leader in executive training directed at senior office professionals.

Delivered by an experienced international Director, the ACEPA™ course is an intensive five-day programme that addresses the increasingly diverse and demanding roles expected of modern Executive PAs from a unique top-down perspective. The course aims to equip participants with an essential conceptual understanding of macro business areas including corporate finance and HR, as well as a range of practical skills

“Richard is a world-class trainer. He used techniques that were personal and interactive and he was very effective and sincere.” Eela Jivan, Coca-Cola SA 

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Delighted to be back in South Africa delivering ACEPA. For course details and a brochure please contact

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The Gift Concierge – Your personal gift shopper

The Gift Concierge is a personal VIP (and VVIP) bespoke gifting service for the most thought out, personalized luxury gifts and experiences.

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Introducing a new venture for select bespoke gifting which I will have a small stake in. Commencing in the UAE we hope to see rapid expansion in the next few years.

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Career Success International Magazine Interview with Bonnie

Bonnie is a Co-­founder of the professional association (NYCA) and works to build positive collaborations and networks between assistants around the world. Read her interview with Career Success International Magazine.

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Bonnie is one of the leading lights in the PA world. A great read.

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Feed your baby tripe: Hilarious advice from Britain’s oldest baby mag

As Mother & Baby magazine turns 60, Sally Saunders looks at the advice given to new mothers in a bygone era – from drinking stout while pregnant, to driving with a baby on your lap.

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What mothers were once told is unbelievable….Lesson: Always challenge the norm. Just because its how we do it today does not mean its the right thing to do.

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UK Fire Service select the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA)

BMTG Ltd were delighted to be asked to present the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA™) to selected Executive Assistants from the UK Fire Service.

Delegates from Essex, Hampshire, Merseyside and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Services attended the 5 day event at the Essex Fire and Rescue Service Witham HQ.

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Delivered by our excellent ACEPA Trainer Mr Ian Shipley the course has received some rave reviews….

I would like to say that was the most enjoyable week I have ever had on a course, such a brilliant mix of likeminded people with an excellent course tutor who was very engaging, informative and personable.”

Every PA should do this course!

Although I’ve been a PA for 8 years, but still wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to sign up for this course and I’m so pleased that I did! The course covered everything that we need, are required to do and should be thinking about within the modern day business world. Ian, our trainer, couldn’t have been more enthusiastic and encouraging and this filtered through to the whole group to create a really positive and motivating 5 days. My advice would be to feel the fear and do it anyway – you will survive and probably even enjoy it!”
The next open UK ACEPA™ event is being held in London on March 7th 2016

– The Art of Getting Approval –

Executive Assistants –  it’s time to invest!   The scenario is all too familiar. You become aware of a great workshop, or conference for Executive Assistants. The content is of interest and you know it

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Is one of the biggest hurdles to your own personal development a reluctance to even ask for the investment? Do you think the response is going to be something like "But you are only an Executive Assistant. What possible training would you require"?

if so, then its time to RETHINK.
Be brave, be proactive and remember "most bosses find it hard to say no when presented with a compelling case"
Its time to JUST DO IT!

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goal is to change lives and create spectacular careers by not only funding education for deserving bursary students but to support them with mentoring, coaching and on the job training experience.

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