Become a Microsoft Teams Champion – Free Workshop

FREE Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop


Did you know that Organizations with more than a 1000 end-users adopting Microsoft Teams, may be eligible to receive a FREE “Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop” fully financed by Microsoft?

BMTG (UK) Ltd’s partner Storyals Global AB are a Microsoft Adoption Partner and are qualified to deliver “Teamwork Assessment” in the form of a Free* full day online “Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop” in which one of Storyal’s productivity experts guides you and your team (up to 14 colleagues) through the process and helps your organization develop a strategy customized to your needs.

In order that we can check your eligibility for the FREE workshop you must register your organization’s interest before 1st May 2020. 

Even if your organisation is not eligible the “Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop” is still available at a significantly reduced price of 1,700 USD.

Typical Workshop Agenda

Pre-engagement meeting (1 hour)

  • Current state – what is being used and how?
  • Goals setting – what is the desired outcome?
  • Stakeholders – who should participate?
  • Ongoing initiatives – are there any other ongoing initiatives to consider?
  • Date – when do we do the workshop?
  • Agenda – how do we structure the workshop?

Business Decision Maker workshop (3 hours)

  • Key outcomes – what are we going to achieve today?
  • Envisioning – how is Teams and Office 365 transforming the workplace?
  • Usage scenarios – how could this be applied to various user groups?
  • Executive sponsorship – who needs to sponsor this to ensure success?

Adoption planning workshop (2 hours) 

  • Champions program – how do we implement a champions program?
  • Training plan – how do we raise the general level of know-how?
  • Communication plan – how do we communicate to end-users?
  • Adoption plan – how do we tie it all together and build a foundation for the future?

To register your interest and to check eligibility please register, with no obligation,  before 1st May 2020


* The Free webinar is available to organisations with over 1000 Microsoft Teams users and who are confirmed as eligible by Microsoft.


FREE Webinar: Making Online Meetings More Effective

Are you working more because of multiple webinar meetings at home with managers and co-workers?

Countless hours are spent in meetings with inefficient preparation and a lack of follow-up!


MeetingBooster will make online meetings more effective and eliminate questions such as ‘Who took the minutes?’ and ‘Who was supposed to do what?’.

Learn how MeetingBooster can help with:

  • Creating Agendas and Minutes.
  • Turning Discussions into Action Plans.
  • Handling Tasks, Projects and Follow Ups.
  • Secure Storage of Minutes with Easy Access.

Better Meetings in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Pre-Meeting

  • Simplify the Scheduling Process
  • Integration with Outlook & Google Calendar
  • Professional Agenda Editor
  • Assign Preparation Tasks
  • Get organized and start executing!

Step 2: During the Meeting

  • Run onsite or Virtual Meetings
  • Capture Notes Instantly
  • Meeting Tools for Decision Making
  • Allocate Action Items

Step 3: Post Meeting

  • Post Meeting
  • Professional Minutes and Customizable Layouts
  • File Management and Search Options
  • Task Management System with Outlook Integration
  • Meeting Analytics


Sign up for a Free webinar about MeetingBooster and how it can help you:

Tuesday 7th April 10AM to 11AM (ET)

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